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          The Most Recent Letter


          A remarkable study, Endogenous Steroids and Financial Risk-Taking on a London Trading Floor, has implications for folks in other professions, including ours. According to the study, stock traders build testosterone on days when they are successful. Apparently, the additional hormones can cause higher levels of confidence and risk-taking, while too much of it can include feelings of omnipotence and even carelessness. Conversely, a trader who has experienced successive losses will have higher levels of the downer cortisol, leading to risk aversion and sloppy choices....Read On

          Recent Premium Artists

          • Ramya_Woman-Preparing-Chapathi
            May 17, 2018

            Ramya Sadasivam

            Art is a therapy. It has been a solution to all the problems. I feel safe while I practice art. The formula is simple, you…

          • Don_Berger_Rose_Elena_cropped
            January 5, 2017

            Don Berger

            Don Berger finds his inspiration in the floral world, which he describes as “so vast and pictorially brilliant, I never cease to be amazed by…

          • christine-hanlon-art-night-streets_big
            December 30, 2016

            Christine Hanlon

            Her painting is inspired by the Old Masters, especially from their use of chiaroscuro and geometry, utilizing proportions like the Golden Section and other ratios…

          Uping?Art Shows

          Uping Workshops

          • May 12, 2019 to May 18, 2019 - Watercolor Painting Holiday Workshop – Lucca Italy, with international, award-winning artist Amanda Brett


            e and paint with me in Lucca, Italy, May 2019!!

            My painting holiday workshops are all about the fun of painting in a supportive group environment and is suitable for all levels. Mostly, we’ll be painting en plein air (a nice quiet locale in which to play with our paints!) and enjoying the fresh air. I know Lucca like the back of my hand and will take you to some of my favourites spots!!?Each day?will start with a short theory session, with an emphasis on quick value sketching then a demonstration of the day’s painting subject out on location. We will also explore subject selection and strategies to tackle plex subjects. After a lunch break, I will let you loose to paint and then e and help each student in turn throughout the afternoon.
            After a well-deserved siesta, we’ll meet up for aperitivi and on to dinner; Lucca’s favourite dining spots will be waiting for us with a special menu just for us!

            Tuition, meals, luxury en suite B&B acmodation, on-ground transfers and excursions are all included!!

            E1895 Euros per painter, no single supplement

            For more information email Amanda


          • Jun 2, 2019 to Oct 5, 2019 - Ghost Ranch, NM Art Workshop/Retreat with Darla Bostick


            Ghost Ranch,?NM, Darla Bostick, (June and October) workshops Relax, enjoy, create! Floor to ceiling studio windows. Ghost Ranch Lodging/meals provided. See why Georgia O’Keeffe loved Ghost Ranch. Each workshop/retreat is different. The June workshop jumps into something new every day—textiles and dye, printing, paperworking and more! The October workshop is for painters—collecting photography for reference, watercolor, ink, acrylic and more–using watercolor paper, clayboard, etc! Daily demos, slide presentations, door prizes and optional happy hour. The website has all the information. Darla’s been teaching at Ghost Ranch since 2008… isn’t it time for you to see why??


          • Jun 20, 2019 to Jun 23, 2019 - Nihonga: Then and Now


            Traditional?Japanese mineral pigment painting with Judith Kruger. Make water-based paint from cured shells, minerals, soils, pine soot, indigo and cochineal with natural glue. Learn to stretch Kumohadamashi paper and prepare wood panels. Metallic leafing and oxidation techniques will be covered. Emphasis on the creation of purposeful, multi-layered paintings stemming from ancient practices that embody the power to nurture the spirit. Historical information and powerpoint presentation included.?Traditional and abstract painters are wele. All levels.


            More info on http://www.judithkruger.


          • Jun 25, 2019 to Jun 28, 2019 - Earth Alchemy: Create Amazing Depth & Texture with Unusual Materials with Sandra Duran Wilson


            I love texture and ancient organic ones are the best. Think of metals with gorgeous patinas like copper, rusted metals, crackled surfaces with gloss and grit too. Now we will learn how to apply them to any surface. We’ll put them on fabric, paper, plastic and panels. We will explore materials that are sourced from unusual places such as the home improvement store, the fabric store, the kitchen and the office supply store. I will share how to use acrylic gels, pastes and mediums to expand your texture vocabulary while saving tons of money on paints. Color is my thing and I will give you the three best tips for creating vibrant colors. Learn how to create mood using position and values and find the narrative within the abstract forms. We begin with playful exercises that will free your creative soul to explore new directions into abstract reasoning.




          • Jul 25, 2019 to Jul 28, 2019 - Wet & Wild! Paint Vibrant Water Scenes in Brilliant Color with Julie Gilbert Pollard


            Learn to make water look wet, reflective and splashy! Painting water that looks wet requires some basic knowledge of the dynamics of how water moves and how objects are reflected in its mirror surface. Techniques will be demonstrated to address the various puzzles with which the artist is faced when painting this stunning, fascinating and challenging subject!


            This workshop takes place at Port Townsend School of the Arts, 2 hours’ drive from Seattle. For more information, and to register, visit our website: ptarts.org?


            Julie Gilbert Pollard’s workshop is limited to 12 participants. Save your place today!
            Registration deadline: June 5.


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